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100k plus!!!

Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2

The final 1st week numbers for Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2 are in. 102,173 downloads!!! I appreciate all the support from my fans, and big ups to my e-team and street team for getting the word out. Hip-Hop is alive…and it’s ready for change.

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I Mean Business Mixtape 2nd Shift

Jus Hustle I Mean Business 2nd Shift

IMB 2nd shift is coming 4/20!!! 420 420 Im going extra hard on this 1…well I always go hard haha but this is the last IMB mixtape before I put out “Hard Work Pays Off” so I had to bring it! You can download it free right here on jushustle.com …. (Update) The Copa is still a “work in progress” but I’ll get it finished sometime in the near future 😀