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Jus Hustle "I Mean Business 3rd Shift" Coming Soon!

Jus Hustle

Be on the lookout for I Mean Business 3rd Shift. I plan on putting it out around the same time as Hard Work Pays Off. This will be the last mixtape in the I.M.B. series, and it will be available right here on jushustle.com for free. I’ve already leaked a couple tracks that will be on 3rd Shift. If you didn’t download“Takin Over Tonight”and the“D.O.A Freestyle” check em out! Stay tuned for more info…

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Jus Hustle – Hard Work Pays Off (Blog #3)

Jus Hustle Hard Work Pays Off Coming Soon

I recorded two new tracks for Hard Work Pays Off tonight. I thought I was finished recording but the ideas keep coming. I’m going for a sound that’s not like anything else out, so I don’t want to rush the creative process. When artists make music with making money as their main focus, they try to recreate what is hot now. I think great music is made by the trendsetters, and not those who copy what they do. I want this album to standout from the rest and bring something fresh to the game. There is a quote that goes “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”, so if Hip Hop is a common thing, I’m striving for excellence.

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Jus Hustle – Hard Work Pays Off (Blog #2)

Hard Work

The lead off single for “Hard Work Pays Off” will be out in a few weeks. I’m still in the studio recording so I don’t know which one I’m dropping yet. I got so much next level shit I might have to go 8 singles deep! This week I’m bringing in a DVD crew to film some sessions and behind the scenes footage. I’ll put some clips from it on jushustle.com, but the full DVD will be on the Deluxe Edition available at Wal Mart. Big ups to everbody who pre-upped the CD, but if you didn’t get it yet cop it here >>> Pre-Order “Hard Work Pays Off”

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Camron “Crime Pays” – Album Review

Camron Crime Pays

After doing a vanishing act Camron reappears with his latest release Crime Pays. On the slow tempo title track, he rewinds to 3rd grade and gives his classmates an economy lesson spitting “maybe Ill reach they ass/ tell em they dont have to have degrees in math/ know your credit debit plus receipt for cash”. On “Cookin Up” Cam hits the kitchen over a bouncing e. piano melody and cymbal crashes and spits some of his best verses on the album. Other highlights include “Got It For Cheap” the street single “Get It In Ohio” and the synth heavy “Where I Know You From”. The drawback is the filler to get the album to 23 tracks. “Never Ever” “Silky” and “Spend The Night” could have stayed in the studio. Overall, the album is mostly bumpable and not a bad return for Killa Cam.

3 out of 5 joysticks

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Eminem “Relapse”- Album Review

Eminem Relapse cover

Since Eminem’s last release, the music industry has had alot more downs than ups. Hip-Hop has been called dead, and the quality of rap music has been mediocre at best. Sales have hit an all time low, causing many rappers to never make it past their debut album. In walks Marshall with Dr. Dre behind the boards. One of rap’s biggest sellers returns with his 5th album Relapse. On the 2nd single “3am” he paints a picture of a pill popping serial killer over a dark piano riff spitting “contemplating my next plot again/ swallowin a Knolopin/ while I’m noddin in and out on the ottoman..” Like always, Em continues to keep the shock value up throughout the album even getting raped by his step father on “Insane”. “Must be the Ganja” is an ode to the chronic with a catchy hook and dope lyrics that end up straying off topic. Shady shows his wordplay and delivery are still top notch on the songs “Stay Wide Awake” “Medicine Ball” and “Same Song and Dance”. Slim croons on the hook of “Beautiful” which could be a single with its laid back melody, backing vocals, and whining guitar. On the downside there are too many pointless skits and some album filler including “My Mom” “Underground/Ken Caniff” and “Deja Vu”. Em also experiments with different voices and accents that take away from his flow on some tracks and work with others. Overall “Relapse” is a good album with some hot rhymes and beats, but it falls short of great.

3.5 out of 5 joysticks

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Jus Hustle – Hard Work Pays Off (Blog #1)

It’s been so much trash in mainstream Hip-Hop, I wonder why the majors even put that bs out. That’s like trying to sell a t-shirt with a kool aid stain on the front. “This is the new style! You didn’t know?” Naw homie, actually I didn’t. Are you trying to sell me a used shirt? “uhh it’s not used, it’s brand new. That’s not a stain that’s art.” Look dog, if I want juice on it I can spill it myself…on accident. You see art. I see a kool aid stain.

Tried to pull a fast one on me! That’s how fans feel when they go out and buy a C.D. and it’s wack. Then they start thinking about what they could have spent that paper on. A sack of weed, or 10 in the tank, or a nick bag and 5 in the tank. If you make a fan think that, you just lost 1 buddy.

I’m back in the studio working on “Hard Work Pays Off”. It will be incredible. I’m not going to yell “classic” like everybody else, because that’s not up to me. It’s up to the fans. One thing I do know is Hip-Hop needs a win. 2 seconds left. Down by 1. Give me the ball. Fadeaway J. Swish!

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100k plus!!!

Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2

The final 1st week numbers for Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2 are in. 102,173 downloads!!! I appreciate all the support from my fans, and big ups to my e-team and street team for getting the word out. Hip-Hop is alive…and it’s ready for change.