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Jus Hustle – Hard Work Pays Off (Blog #2)

Hard Work

The lead off single for “Hard Work Pays Off” will be out in a few weeks. I’m still in the studio recording so I don’t know which one I’m dropping yet. I got so much next level shit I might have to go 8 singles deep! This week I’m bringing in a DVD crew to film some sessions and behind the scenes footage. I’ll put some clips from it on jushustle.com, but the full DVD will be on the Deluxe Edition available at Wal Mart. Big ups to everbody who pre-upped the CD, but if you didn’t get it yet cop it here >>> Pre-Order “Hard Work Pays Off”

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Jus Hustle – Hard Work Pays Off (Blog #1)

It’s been so much trash in mainstream Hip-Hop, I wonder why the majors even put that bs out. That’s like trying to sell a t-shirt with a kool aid stain on the front. “This is the new style! You didn’t know?” Naw homie, actually I didn’t. Are you trying to sell me a used shirt? “uhh it’s not used, it’s brand new. That’s not a stain that’s art.” Look dog, if I want juice on it I can spill it myself…on accident. You see art. I see a kool aid stain.

Tried to pull a fast one on me! That’s how fans feel when they go out and buy a C.D. and it’s wack. Then they start thinking about what they could have spent that paper on. A sack of weed, or 10 in the tank, or a nick bag and 5 in the tank. If you make a fan think that, you just lost 1 buddy.

I’m back in the studio working on “Hard Work Pays Off”. It will be incredible. I’m not going to yell “classic” like everybody else, because that’s not up to me. It’s up to the fans. One thing I do know is Hip-Hop needs a win. 2 seconds left. Down by 1. Give me the ball. Fadeaway J. Swish!

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100k plus!!!

Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2

The final 1st week numbers for Jus Hustle I.M.B. 2 are in. 102,173 downloads!!! I appreciate all the support from my fans, and big ups to my e-team and street team for getting the word out. Hip-Hop is alive…and it’s ready for change.